Careful What You Wish

An original musical by Amy Clayton & Justin Cartledge

Mar 20th-23rd, 2019
The Cramphorn Theatre 19:45
Tickets on sale Dec 1st

Cast List

Jasmine/Aylonda – Amy Clayton
Gilly - Ben Wilton
Bailey - Ray Johnson
Maggie - Nicole Campbell
Cotton - Jen Bell
Kandi - Rachel Watson
Zephar - Emma Feeney
Baxter - Ben Martins
Magic - Amy Newland
Coleman - Miller Dear
Evo - Louise Byrne
Buster - Neil Gray
Reginaa - Katie-Elizabeth Allgood
Nova - Julie Salter
Forcas Vassago - Justin Cartledge
A new kind of circus, where magic and mayhem walk hand in hand. Gilly has finally found his purpose and it would seem, his one true love. The Ringmaster will grant him his heart’s desires. So Gilly better be sure of what he wants...

An original rock musical from the creative team that brought you 'Wonderland', 'Alice' and 'Frankenstein'. 'Freak Show' is the modern world's Romeo & Juliet. Be careful who you trust - the Devil was once an Angel.

This production bursts with colour, enchantment, slick choreography and a story like no other. Roll up! Roll up!

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